Boróka Fehér

Boróka Fehér

Professional Title: PhD
Institution: BMSZKI
Position: Associate Member


Boróka Fehér PhD is an assistant professor at the Károli Gáspár University, Faculty of Teacher Training, Social Work and Deaconry Institute in Budapest, lecturing various courses, including Social Policy, Social Work with Homeless People, as well as applied research courses (for ex. Women and Homelessness, Housing Pathways…). Boróka also works for BMSZKI, the Budapest Methodological Center of Social Policy and Its Institutions, Budapest City’s public homeless service providing organization, where she is responsible for improving services for homeless women (whether rough sleepers, users of women-only or mixed shelters, hostels, or living with their child(ren) in a family housing unit). She is responsible for conducting the organization’s first needs assessment among homeless women, and trying to develop actions reacting to those needs.
Boróka has been actively involved in the annual national “February 3rd” survey on homeless service users and rough sleepers since 2010. She has been involved in various other research projects monitoring housing-first (light) initiatives in Hungary.

Her PhD thesis was about using narrative techniques to help homeless people overcome traumatic experiences.

Currently, she is working in the European PIE4Shelters project, co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) program of the European Commission, aiming to improve the capacity of homeless services to support women with the experience of homelessness and gender-based violence, through developing a training guideline for homeless services, with the involvement of gender-based violence services as well.

She is also involved in the Erasmus+ TrainHouse strategic partnership, trying to enable organizations to involve peer support workers and volunteers in their housing services.

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