Jenny Galbraith

Jenny Galbraith

Professional Title: Postgraduate Researcher
Institution: University of Stirling
Position: Associate Member


I was awarded 1+3 ESRC funding in 2015 and I am currently undertaking my doctoral research on migrant homelessness in Scotland. This is a biographical study, exploring migrants’ experiences of migration, life in Scotland and homelessness with an interest in how gender can affect this. I am also currently a researcher on the Common health: Housing through Social Enterprise project. This is a longitudinal study exploring the experiences of tenants of housing social enterprises.

Prior to this my MRes research explored how perceptions of homelessness workers’ gender, age, and cultural background impacted their relationships with people who were homeless. Other research interests include housing inequality, gender and homelessness, and experiences of migration.

Recent Publications

Galbraith J (2017) Choice Based Letting (CBL) Policy Briefing Series, 2. University of Stirling

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