Joanne Bretherton

Joanne Bretherton

Professional Title: Research Fellow
Institution: Centre for Housing Policy, University of York, UK
Position: WHEN Co-Director

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Joanne’s research interests centre on interdisciplinary and internationally comparative research that looks at issues such as housing exclusion and homelessness. She has a particular interest in gender inequalities in relation to homelessness and housing precarity for women.

Her work encompasses homelessness causation, women’s experiences of homelessness and evaluation of homelessness strategies and services, with a particular focus on innovative and gender specific services. Her research is also concerned with the interrelationships between domestic violence and homelessness.

Alongside these other interests, she has undertaken a wide range of evaluative research on services for homeless women and men with high and complex needs, including the study of service innovations using social enterprise, Time Banking and Housing First approaches.

Recent Research Projects

The Costs of Domestic Violence (An evaluation of the DAHA toolkit), Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) / Comic Relief (2018).

Evaluation of Threshold Housing First service for homeless women with a history of offending and high and complex needs evaluation (Greater Manchester), Threshold (2018-2020).

Crisis Skylight: An Evaluation, Crisis (2013-2016).

An Evaluation of Housing First in England, Homeless Link (2014).

Evaluation of the Broadway Skills Exchange (Time Banking), Broadway (2010-2014).

Developing a measurement framework for homelessness and housing exclusion in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Housing Executive (2013)

Evaluation of the SHP Housing First service in the London Borough of Camden, SHP (2012-2013)

Simon Communities of Ireland: Policy Research on the Homeless Strategy, Ireland Simon Community (2012)

Violence against Women and Girls Refuge Provision in London, Greater London Authority (2011)

The effectiveness of Sanctuary Schemes to enable households at risk of domestic violence to remain in their own homes, CLG (2008-2009)

Recent Publications

Bretherton, J. (2017) Reconsidering Gender in Homelessness, European Journal of Homelessness, 11 (1), pp.13-33.

Bretherton, J. (2017) ‘Too many women becoming homeless’ in The Governor, Housing Quality Network magazine, July, 2017.

Quilgars, D.; Bevan, M.; Bretherton, J.; O’Malley, L. and Pleace, N. (In Press) Accommodation for Single Veterans: Developing housing and support pathways. London: Riverside / Stoll.

Blood, I.; Copeman, I.; Goldup, M.; Pleace, N.; Bretherton. J. and Dulson, S. (2017) Housing First Feasibility Study for the Liverpool City Region: Final Report, London: Crisis.

Pleace, N. and Bretherton, J. (2017) ‘What Do We Mean by Housing First? Considering the Significance of Variations in Housing First Services in the European Union’ in J. Sylvestre; G. Nelson and T. Aubry (eds) Housing for People with Serious Mental Illness: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Pleace, N. and Bretherton, J. (2017) Crisis Skylight: Final Report of the University of York Evaluation, London: Crisis.

Mayock, P. and Bretherton, J. (Eds) (2016) Women’s Homelessness in Europe, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Bretherton, J.; Benjaminsen, L. and Pleace, N. (2016) “Women’s Homelessness and Welfare Systems” in Mayock, P. and Bretherton, J. Women’s Homelessness in Europe, London: Palgrave Macmillian.

Mayock, P., Bretherton, J., and Baptista, I. (2016)” Women’s Homelessness and Domestic Violence – (In)visible Interactions” in Mayock, P. and Bretherton, J. Women’s Homelessness in Europe, London: Palgrave Macmillian.

Pleace, N; Bretherton, J. and Mayock, P (2016) “Long Term and Recurrent Homelessness among Women” in Mayock, P. and Bretherton, J. Women’s Homelessness in Europe, London: Palgrave Macmillian.

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