Katalin Szoboszlai, PhD

Katalin Szoboszlai, PhD

Professional Title: Associate Professor, Head of Social Work Department
Institution: University of Debrecen, Faculty of Health, Hungary
Position: Associate Member

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Katalin mainly conducts research in two areas of social work in Hungary. The first is homelessness. She has been involved in social work with homeless people since 1995 at the Periferia Association. Alongside social work practice she researches aspects of homelessness. Her doctoral work was on homeless women in Hungary. More recently the focus of her work looks at prostitution in the context of poverty and migration. She also works jointly with a team of researchers undertaking the Quality of Life in Nyíregyháza Town project. This is a household panel survey which started in 2008 and is carried out every two years. Recently she was a participant in a research team that investigated the presence of usury amongst poor families in Hungary.

Recent Publications

Fábián Gergely, Szoboszlai Katalin, Hüse Lajos (szerk.) (2017) A társadalmi periférián élő gyermekek és fiatalok rizikómagatartásának háttere Nyíregyháza: Periféria Egyesület, 2017. p. 241

Fábián Gergely, Hüse Lajos, Szoboszlai Katalin (2014) Social Work Research in Hungary In: Juha Hämäläinen, Brian Littlechild, Marie Špiláčková (szerk.) Social Work Research Across Europe: Methodological Positions and Research Practice: Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Ostrava: University of Ostrava, 2014. pp. 41-55.

Gergely Fábián, Katalin Szoboszlai, Lajos Hüse (2012) “Money with interest” The institution of usury among those living in slum-like conditions. Editors are Ferenc Bódi, Gergely Fábián, Thomas R. Lawson, Local Organization of Social Services in Hungary, Crisis – Reaction – Changes. EHV, Bremen, 2012, p. 242 – 267.

Gergely Fábián, Lajos Hüse, Katalin Szoboszlai (2012) Modern perspectives of Child Protection in Hungary. Editors are Juha Hamalainen, Brian Littlechild, Oldrich Chytil, Miriam Sramatá, Emmanuel Jovelin Evolution of Child Protection and Child Welfare Policies in Selected European Countries, University of Ostrava – ERIS with Albert Publisher, 2012. p. 181 – 202.

Katalin Szoboszlai (2010) Homeless women in Hungary In: Homeless in Europe Gender perspectives on Homelessness FEANTSA Spring 2010. p. 17-20.

Katalin Szoboszlai (2008) How can homeless people fall victims? In: International Academic Conference. Health and Social Questions of Childhood in Europe Context II. Prevention of Health and Social Pathology. Conference Proceedings. Editors: Eva Huszti, Gergely Fabian, by the University of Debrecen, 2008. p. 62-69.

László Pattyán, Katalin Szoboszlai (2007) Homelessness in Hungary. In: Social work and homelessness. Editors: Brigitta Zierer, Laszlo Pattyan. Published by University of Debrecen in co-operation with FH CampusWien/Austria, 2007. p. 45 – 52.

Katalin Szoboszlai, László Pattyán (2006) The role of the civil organization to take drug users – Alternatives of social work – In: Proceedings of the International Conference Epidemiology and social effects of drug-taking in the Visegrad four countries Nyíregyháza, 2006. p. 89-91.

Szoboszlai Katalin (2012) A prostitúció társadalmi háttere: a szegénység In: IRIS 2012 – Szociális szolgáltatások fejlesztése prostitúcióban élő magyar nők részére Magyarországon és Svájcban – Helyzetkép és teendő – Sex Educatio Alapítvány, Budapest, 2012. p. 17-22.

Szoboszlai Katalin (2012): Nők fedél nélkül In: A megértés útjai. Hajléktalan sorsok, traumák és segítő kapcsolat, Menhely Alapítvány és BMSZKI, Budapest, 2012. p. 99 – 147.

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