Lars Benjaminsen

Lars Benjaminsen

Professional Title: Senior Researcher
Institution: The Danish Center for Social Science Research, Denmark
Position: WHEN Member

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Lars Benjaminsen is responsible for conducting the national homelessness counts in Denmark. He has taken part in evaluating the Housing First based Danish National Homelessness Strategy and has conducted various other studies on homelessness in Denmark. He has conducted large Danish studies on social exclusion, on social marginalization and family background and on material and social deprivation. He has also conducted a study of the addiction treatment system in Denmark. He is currently conducting a study on homeless women in Denmark for the Ministry for Children and Social Affairs.

Recent Publications

Lars Benjaminsen & Jesper Fels Birkelund (2018): Explaining excess morbidity amongst homeless shelter users: A multivariate analysis for the Danish adult population. Scandinavian Journal of public health. DOI: 10.1177/1403494818759839

Lars Benjaminsen (2016): Homelessness in a Scandinavian welfare state: The risk of shelter use in the Danish adult population. Urban Studies, Vol. 53(10), s. 2041–2063.

Lars Benjaminsen (2016): The Variation in Family Background amongst young homeless shelter users in Denmark. Journal of Youth Studies, Vol 19(1), pp. 55-73.

Benjaminsen, Lars & Andrade, Stefan B (2015) Testing a typology of homelessness across welfare regimes: An analysis of shelter use in Denmark compared to the US. Housing Studies. Vol. 30(6), pp. 858-876.

Lars Benjaminsen (2013) Policy Review Update: Results from the Housing First-based Danish Homelessness Strategy. European Journal of homelessness, Vol 7(2), p.109-51.

Lars Benjaminsen, Evelyn Dyb & Eoin O’Sullivan (2009): The Governance of Homelessness in Liberal and Social Democratic Welfare Regimes: Nordic Strategies and Models of Intervention. European Journal of homelessness, Vol 3, p. 23-51.

Lars Benjaminsen og Evelyn Dyb (2008): The Effectiveness of Homeless Policies – Variations among the Scandinavian Countries. European Journal of homelessness, Vol 2, p. 45-67.

Lars Benjaminsen & Evelyn Dyb (2011): ’National strategies and innovations’, Homelessness Research in Europe. Bruxelles: Feantsa.

Lars Benjaminsen & Volker Busch-Geertsema (2009): Labour Market Reforms and Homelessness in Denmark and Germany: Dilemmas and Consequences. European Journal of homelessness, Vol 3, p. 127-153.

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