Lisbeth Pilegaard

Lisbeth Pilegaard

Professional Title: Executive Director
Institution: Foundation Project OUTSIDE
Position: Associate Member


Projekt UDENFOR enters where the fine mesh of the public social safety net does not suffice.
It is – and has since the foundation of the organisation through projekt Posefolket (The Bag People) in 1996 by dr. med. Preben Brandt – been the basic ideology of projekt UDENFOR’s work with the most vulnerable citizens.

Through outreach, reaching for and calling attention to the group of homeless citizens, living an isolated life on the streets, projekt UDENFOR is constantly working actively on improving the conditions of the individual vulnerable person that we meet on the streets and to generate appreciation for the excluding factors of society in order to reduce them. Therefore, the daily work of the organisation balances ‘on two legs’ – street-based work and collection of knowledge, communication, activities creating debate and research.

As such, all projects and activities launched by projekt UDENFOR, include both specific and practical street-based initiatives as well as a dimension of knowledge and communication.

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