Magdalena Mostowska

Magdalena Mostowska

Professional Title: PhD
Institution: University of Warsaw, Poland
Position: WHEN Member

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Magdalena Mostowska’s research and teaching activities concern housing studies, urban studies and social policies. She’s interested in phenomena such as migration, poverty, informal economies and their impact on the ecology, structures and perception of cities.

She’s primarily working on history of housing, social housing, and homelessness. She’s studying and applying various qualitative methods in researching both the cityscape as well as social problems. She’s been using ethnographic observation, discourse analysis, framing analysis, ethnosurvey, institutional analysis, housing pathways and biographical interviews in her research.

In the homelessness field she’s been particularly focused on migrant homelessness and she conducted fieldwork in many European countries targeting mainly Polish rough sleepers. Currently she’s leading a project on women’s homelessness in Poland. In this research ethnographic methods and biographical interviews are supplemented by quantitative data analysis and critical policy analysis. Theoretical concepts such as intersectionality, social construction of statistics and popular imagery of gender in homelessness will also be developed.

Recent Research Projects

016 – 2019 Polish National Science Centre grant: “Dynamics of women’s homelessness in Poland” (2015/17/B/HS6/04191)

2016 EEA/Norwegian grant: Study visit on homelessness survey methods to Høgskola i Oslo og Akershus, Norway

2015 Visby Scholarship: “Local and regional cooperation in cases of homelessness. An example of Polish and Estonian migrants in Stockholm” at Ersta Sköndal högskola in Stockholm (00133/2014)

2012 – 2014 Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant: “Survival Strategies of homeless migrants and institutional support in the enlarged EU” (IP2011/036971)

Recent Publications

(co-author with Sarah Sheridan) “Migrant Women and Homelessness”, [in:] Women’s Homelessness in Europe, P. Mayock, J. Bretherton (eds.) Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

(co-author) “Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Homelessness. The Humanitarian Crisis and the Homelessness Sector in Europe”, European Observatory on Homelessness Comparative Studies on Homelessness, Brussels, 2016: 235-263.

“How production of statistics makes homeless women (in)visible”, Homeless in Europe. The Magazine of FEANSTA, Summer 2016: 5-7.

“Institutionalisation vs. Deformalisation. Reorganising Access to Service Provision for Homeless EU-migrants”, European Journal of Homelessness 9(2), 2015: 113-136.

“‘We Shouldn’t but We Do…’: Framing the Strategies for Helping Homeless EU migrants in Copenhagen and Dublin”, British Journal of Social Work, 44, 2014: 18-34.

“Liminalność jako doświadczenie terenowe w badaniu grupy bezdomnych Polaków w Brukseli”, Qualitative Sociology Review/Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej Vol. X, issue 1, 2014: 42-65 [Liminality as field experience in a study of a group of homeless Poles in Brussels].

“Homelessness abroad: ‘Place utility’ in the narratives of the Polish homeless in Brussels”, International Migration, 52, 2014: 118–129.

“Migration and Homelessness: The Social Networks of Homeless Poles in Oslo”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 39(7), 2013: 1125-1140.

“The Social Welfare Capital of Polish Rough Sleepers in Brussels and Oslo”, European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 5.1, 2011: 27-47.

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