Sarah Sheridan

Sarah Sheridan

Professional Title: Research Officer
Institution: Focus Ireland, Ireland
Position: WHEN Member

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Sarah Sheridan is Research Officer for Focus Ireland – an organisation working with those experiencing or at risk of homelessness around the country. She recently completed her PhD which was qualitative, longitudinal study of women’s homelessness in Ireland. Prior to this, she was researcher on a biographical and ethnographic study of homeless women with Dr Paula Mayock, Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests include homelessness and housing instability, family homelessness, gender and domestic violence.

Recent Publications

  1. Sheridan, S. and O’Sullivan, E. (2017) Responses to Family Homelessness in Ireland. European Journal of Homelessness , 11, 2.
  2. Mostowska, M. and Sheridan, S. (2017) Migrant Women and Homelessness, in: Mayock, P. and Bretherton, J. (Eds.) Women and Homelessness in Europe. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  3. Mayock, P., Sheridan, S. and Parker, S. (2015) ‘It’s just like we’re going around in circles and going back to the same thing…’: The Dynamics of Women’s Unresolved Homelessness, Housing Studies, 30, 6, pp. 877-900.
  4. Mayock, P., Sheridan, S. and Parker, S. (2015) The Dynamics of Long-Term Homelessness among Women in Ireland. Dublin: Dublin Region Homeless Executive.
  5. Mayock, P., Parker, S. and Sheridan, S. (2015) Women, Homelessness and Service Provision. Dublin: Simon Communities.
  6. Mayock, P., Parker, S. and Sheridan, S. (2013) Mapping Homeless Services for Women in Dublin. Dublin: Dublin Region Homeless Executive.
  7. Sheridan, S. (2013) Book Review: Healing Home: Health and Homelessness in the Life Stories of Young Women, by Vanessa Oliver, European Journal of Homelessness, 7, 2, pp. 451-454.
  8. Mayock, P. and Sheridan, S. (2013) ‘At Home’ in Prison? Women and the Homelessness-Incarceration Nexus, Irish Probation Journal, 10, pp. 118-140.

  9. Mayock, P., Sheridan, S. & Parker, S. (2012) Migrant Women & Homelessness: The Role of Gender-Based Violence. European Journal of Homelessness, 6, 1, pp. 59-81.

  10. Mayock, P. and Sheridan, S. (2012) Women’s Journeys to Homelessness: Key Findings from a Biographical Study of Homeless Women in Ireland. Women and Homelessness in Ireland, Research Paper 1. Dublin: School of Social Work and Social Policy and Children’s Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin.

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