Womens Homeless Statistics For Poland


One night count – 21/22 January 2015


Definition of a homeless person:

1) Is not living in a regular dwelling


2) is not registered in a dwelling


3) is registered in a dwelling but cannot live there because of eviction or other court order; life-threatening conditions; other inhabitants deny access to it

Which means people in shelters (also hospitals, emergency rooms, temporarily detained) and in inhabitable spaces are counted.


2015: 36,161 homeless persons, 5,351 (15%) of them women.


2011 National Census


“Homeless person is a person who for various reasons –financial, family or administrative – declares lack of permanent dwelling space”, excluding people homeless due to flood, fires etc.

Category I: registered during two days by mobile teams in places (public space, parks, abandoned buildings) previously pointed out by local services, police etc.

Category II: data provided by service providers (shelters, hostels).


2011: 25,773 homeless persons, 5,880 (23%) of them women.

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