Womens Homeless Statistics For Sweden


Mapping carried out by the National Board of Health and Welfare as a governmental assignment. The mapping was based on data from municipalities, authorities, institutions and NGOs.


Definition of homelessness (informed by ETHOS):

Situation 1 (acute homelessness): people sleeping rough or in a shelter or women’s shelter

Situation 2 (institutions or other type of category housing): people in penal/correctional institutions, treatment and other institutions (if to be released in three months, and has nowhere to move to)

Situation 3 (long-term homeless accommodation): people in long-term accommodation arranged by the municipality where the municipality sublet training and reference apartments.

Situation 4 (short term and insecure housing): people temporarily lodging with family, friends and acquaintances (without contract or with a short term second hand lease).


2011: 34000 homeless persons, 11700 (36%) of them women.

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